New Year. New Blog. Fresh T

So I've run a blog before.  Matter of fact, the blog I ran was getting quite popular.  It had a pretty solid following, and I even had a bi-weekly segment on an AM radio show here in Atlanta.  Then something strange happened.  I matured and abandoned that blog.   For a long time I didn't know why I couldn't bring myself to write on that blog anymore.  Then I realized, that blog just wasn't me anymore.  I am not ashamed of the old blog, because it does have great content.  It just happens to be a body of work that began in 2009 and is representative of a woman with the same primary interest of most 20-somethings: drinking and partying, a few social issues, and cussing more than using my vocabulary.  I'm a currently a 30-something wife and stay at home mom so my interest have changed greatly.  Don't get me wrong, my mouth still needs a bit of soap.  I still drink, but just like my age, my palate has evolved.  Cheap club drinks in plastic cups with questionable limes have been replaced with smoked bourbon and Italian reds.  Party nights have turned to dinner parties, event passes, play dates, and mommy and me field trips.  Blog topics on dating have turned into more of journalistic pieces on navigating motherhood, being a wife, and transitioning from a career outside the home to a stay at home mother who has started a fledgling new business.   What I'm trying to say is, this new blog is representative of my evolution.  So I'm bringing it here to you guys today.  #Tservestea


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