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Fall Decor Reveal

It might be 95 degrees out, but it's fall over at our house.  Fall is legit my favorite season.  I'm kinda bummed that Georgia isn't allowing me to get adequate time enjoying all 4 seasons this year.  Here's hoping that the temperature rapidly drops. ....I mean I have a whole pumpkin patch outfit picked out and everything! Here's my kitchen  Up-close picture of my island decor.  I play with pops of color throughout my kitchen.  I've added reds, burnt orange, and mustard colors. I make a point to always have something hanging on my pantry door.   My motto for this season.  Hung this under my vent hood this year.  Is this a fire hazard? I was gifted this from one of my bestie gals last year. I like to keep the decor on our kitchen table simple since we eat all our meals here.   My home uses a lot of neutral tones as well so I opted for simple white pumpkins and ivy on the fireplace mantle. And a picture of our fro

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